Top Tours guide to Windsor
Why not visit Legoland? Translation service
Legoland is a theme park which thousands of people visit per week. Its based upon Lego building-bricks. This is mainly a place for children, as most of the rides are for under 10's. But should prove entertaining for all the family.
Legoland can be accessed from the B3022 Winkfield/Ascot road. Shuttle busses run from central Windsor quite frequently. As prices change frequently its best to ring the centre on: 0990 040404
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Other exciting things to do in Windsor

There are many other exciting and enjoyable things to do in Windsor such as,
 Walking the LONG WALK
 Taking a trip down the river Thames in a French Brothers trip boat,
or if you fancy exploring the river on your own you can hire a large range of different sized boats to suite all needs.
or visit THE ROYAL THEATRE situated at the bottom of Castle Hill.
 For more information an all any of the mentioned activities, please feel free to visit the Windsor Information Service which is situated roughly half way down Castle Road, opersit Windsor Castle.
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